I survived my first semester of PT school

It’s been forever since I updated my blog. For everyone who has contacted me and visited my blog despite my lack of updates, thank you! It makes me happy to know that I can be somewhat of a help to those who have read my posts. This being said, I would like to share more about my experience and reflect back on my PT-related journey so far. I am still in disbelief that my first semester as an SPT is over. It feels so surreal to get some time to just sit down, relax, and unwind with a cup of coffee as I write this post.

I know I have previously shared some advice on my PT school application process, but I haven’t mentioned much about the schools I’ve been rejected/accepted/waitlisted. I’m pretty sure it’s about time for students to get notices from PT schools. I know it’s a nerve-wrecking period of waiting and I really hope that you will stay patient. And if you get waitlisted or rejected, please don’t ever let it define your worth.

While waiting, I kept track of everything. The picture below is one of the notes I kept in my phone throughout the process.


I applied to 9 schools and I was losing hope as I got rejected/waitlisted to one school after another. “Am I not good enough?” and “Am I a failure?” were just some of the many thoughts that hovered around my mind. But no – one thing I regret is not having thoughts such as “THEIR LOSS” and “That’s fine, I’m still awesome.” Because schools will simply differ in their qualifications and what they want/expect from a student – they have nothing to do with your capabilities. In the end, I got rejected/waitlisted to all of them except Arcadia and WUSTL (you guys, these were the schools that I never even imagined that I would get in). So long story short, believe in yourself and don’t ever underestimate your worth.

Anyways, it’s been one crazy semester at WUSTL. I am beyond shocked at how much information my brain could store in only one semester LOL. I would be lying if things went smoothly because I struggled a lot in the first few months. It took a lot of trial and error to get used to a new lifestyle, a new city, and all the studying. I had my very first white hair out of stress, I lost a lot of weight, and I failed to manage my time wisely. I spent most of my days at school trying to keep up with all the lectures, I compared myself to my smart classmates, and I broke down in tears when I failed one of my practicals. PT school is not all rainbow and butterflies. But hey, it’s still part of the process. There might be a few students who can get through PT school easily but it has been hard for me mostly because I’m a slow learner who takes my time with everything. But I am beyond blessed to have the chance to study at such a good school w/ knowledgeable faculty members. I have met amazing classmates who are supportive of each other and I have learned so much about the human body. It’s still so crazy to know that a few months ago, I received an acceptance voicemail from my program’s director. I remember it so vividly – the director congratulated me for my acceptance and I just sat inside my car in disbelief. I listened to the voicemail over and over again, asking myself if it was all a dream. And once I came to realize that I really made it, tears of joy welled up in my eyes. I am so excited to continue this journey as a future physical therapist and am looking forward to becoming a better person everyday.


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