IMG_0865Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m Sunny. I was born in Korea, raised in Brazil, and educated in the United States; I owe my diverse background to my globe-trotting parents. As a Korean-Brazilian-American, I have learned to navigate distinct cultures by embracing differences between people and their ways of life.

I’m also a powerlifter/fitness/movement enthusiast, future physical therapist, and food lover. I’m just an average 5’5″ girl with a big heart and a yearning to be the best version of myself.

This blog is a reflection of me, my thoughts, my daily life, and my hobbies. I use this mainly as my form of self-therapy and introspection. My goal, as cliché as it might sound, is to live life everyday with a grateful heart. And while I do so, I want to help others to do the same.

Thank you for visiting and reading my posts – it means a lot to me!